Restaurants Reno

Restaurants Reno

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Mexican Restaurant

Specializing In Michoacan Cuisine, Lupita’s Brings An Irresistible Blend From The Central Mexican State Of Michoacan And The Pacific Coastal Seafood Of Nayarit. One Of Our Customer Favorites Is The Prized Secret Recipe Of Our Chicken Mole, Combining The Sweetness Of Chocolate And The Spice Of Chile’s.


My husband and I love good Mexican food and find it very hard to come by. This is hands down our favorite! All the sauces are great! Some of our favorite dishes are the crispy tacos and the pork verde enchilada and carnitas enchiladas with the red sauce! Delicious!!!

J C.

posted on, Yelp

The food is so good. The waitress was so kind and made us feel welcome. I got the chicken nachos with a side of mole…I wanted to try it…omg sooo good I put it on my nachos. My daughter got the chimichanga. The place is pretty cute…small but very is clean.



Carlos and Liz Martinez

Though the ultimate way to enjoy our restaurant atmosphere will be to chime in for a dinner or lunch, before that you can see our vibrant atmosphere in this gallery, captured in photos!


We’ve always been dedicated to being an authentically Mexican venue…This is true either when we talk about what’s on the menu, or about the interior and the overall atmosphere! All 3 of these are meant to be fun, vivid and festive in a truly Mexican way!